Sunday, 27 February 2011

Velvet Apple/Mabolo(Gaab Fal)

Velvet Apple/Mabolo(Gaab Fal)

A cross section of a Velvet Apple/Mabolo(Gaab Fal)

Velvet Apple/Mabolo Fruit Flash(Gaab Fal)

Velvet Apple/Mabolo Leaves(Gaab Fal o Gaab Gaaser Paata)

        Velvet Apple/Mabolo Tree(Gaab Fal Gaas)

Velvet Apple/Mabolo is known in Bangladesh as Gaab Fal . Its scientific
name is Diospyros blancoi .Family is Ebenaceae and Genus is  Diospyros .
Velvet Apple/Mabolo (Gaab) is a medium sized large evergreen tree growing to
 a hight of 20 meter.The oblong-acute leaves are 10 to 25 cm long .The leaves
are glossy green ,smooth above and soft hairy below .Femel flowers are axillary
and solitary ,larger than male.Fruits are fleshy,globose ,upto 8-10 cm diameter,
densely covered with short brown hairs.The fruit's flash is soft ,whitish and aromatic.

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