Friday, 11 February 2011

Carambola /Star Fruit (Kamranga Fal)

Carambola /Star Fruit (Kamranga Fal)

Carambola /Star Fruit's Flower (Kamranga Ful)
Kamranga Flower
Carambola /Star Fruit's Flower (Kamranga Ful)

Carambola /Star Fruit (Kamranga Fal)
AF0400 Averrhoa carambola star fruit 5 seeds
Carambola /Star Fruit Tree (Kamranga Fal Gass)

A cross section of a Carambola /Star Fruit (Kamranga Fal)

Carambola /Star Fruit is known as Kamranga in Bangladesh.Its
scientific name is Averrhoa Carambola and Family is Oxalidaceae.
Carambola /Star Fruit (Kamranga Fal) is a  slow growing small tropical tree,
no more than 8 meters tall. The green leaflets of this tree are sensitive to light
and fold inward at night. It has small, pink colored flowers with a dark-red heart.
The carambola/Star Fruit (Kamranga Fal)  plant will flower and fruit four
times yearly. This tropical fruit, fleshy five lobbed, ovate to elliptoid, is
attractive yellow-orange and pleasantly aromatic! The tree flowers and fruit
almost year-round. When sliced in cross section a perfect star is formed. Carambola
is eaten fresh or in fruit salads. The carambola tree seems to be used for bonsai.


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  3. What is the most common star fruit variety in Bangladesh?