Friday, 1 July 2011

Mission Impossible !!!!!

On the right side, this is a poem written in Bangla by Abu Hassan Shahriar. He is considered as one of the most creative poet of 80's in Bangla literature. This poem is collected from his ''Serestra Kobita''(Best Poems) book and the poet selected his best poems in this book, published from ''Agami Prokashoni'' in Februari 2005, 2nd edition.
Abu Hassan Shahriar was born in the 25th June,1959 in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.His native root is at KoddaKrishnapur in Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.His father professor Sirajuddin was Chairman of Bangladesh Text book Board. Abu Hassan Shahriar is not only a poet but also a writer, a journalist, a social worker and a traveller. His first poetry book is ''Ontohin Mayabi Vromon''. He has written many poetry books, articles, short stories and has edited some books also.
Now a days in this world have 195 independent countries. And  have more than 6000 languages, but many of these languages don't have any writing forms, exists only in speaking forms. Anyway, it is to say that now a days Bangladeshi people -- Bangla speaking people you can find all over the world.
So, I like to make an appeal to all the Bangla speaking people around the world(even to the other foreigners those who can read, write and speak Bangla)----please translate this poem in any other language if possible.

So, turn the ''Mission Impossible'' to ''Mission Possible''.

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