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Sajid Ali Howlader- youngest biologist who described a new species of frog from Bangladesh

Mohammad Sajid Ali Howlader
Fejervarya asmati is a scientific name of a new species of frog that has recently discovered. This type of frog is now commonly known as Bangladeshi Cricket frog. A young biologist from Bangladesh Mohammad Sajid Ali Howlader has found this frog and has described about this frog.
This is unique that for the first time a species of wild life(amphibians,reptiles,mammals) has discovered by any Bangladeshi biologist from Bangladesh. All of our wild life species were described by European biologists. British biologist Theobald had described a new species of frog from Jessore of Bangladesh in 1868(this species is now treated as invalid species). Then after 150 years, a new species of frog is discovered from Chittagong region of Bangladesh. Mohammed Sajid Ali Howlader has named this frog after his teacher's name Dr.Ghazi S M Asmat professor of Zoology Department in Chittagong University.

Fejervarya asmati - new species frog

Mohammad Sajid Ali Howlader found this frog at ''Katapahar'' area in Chittagong University campus.Upto now in the world zoologist have discovered, described and have enlisted 650 species of frogs. And Sajid Ali Howlader can identify 26 species of frogs on their vocal call. Before publish the artical he had to cross check with all of these species characteristics, types, nature and to be sure that its a new one species. Under a long period he had to keep contact with the renowned and famous zoologist of different countries including Portugal, Italy, USA, UK, Germany, Japan for sound analysis and other characteristics of all species of frogs. Mohammed Sajid Ali Howlader found this frog in May,2008 and submitted his article to the most renowned Zootaxa joutnal authority January,2010. Journal authority checked all the informations and placed more than 500 questions about his article-related the new species.After three times reviewing the article, authority accepted his article on19th January,2011 that Fejervarya asmati is a new species and then published his article on the 9th February 2011,volume no. 2761.
Fejervarya asmati frog is 29-33 mm in size. The frog is characterized by having butterfly-shaped vocal marking, calling characters, morphological ratios of body parts, relative length of fingers. It looks little bit olive in colour. On its back it has red spots on the white mark.
Personal lab in his student hostel's room
Sajid Ali Howlader is 26 years old and just completes his bachelor degree from Chittagong University of Bangladesh. He has done this job with self-funding and self interest. However, it is quite rare that he described this new species independently or without any guidance or co-authors. Interestingly he has no personal computer or digital camera and manage those on loan from others. According to the information of Dr.Darrel Frost, curator of American Museum of Natural History, Sajid Ali Howlader is the youngest in taxonomist in herpetology who has described a new species independently or without any coauthors.Mohammed Sajid Ali Howlader was born in Shahabag, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 28 October, 1985. He is younger child of Late-Md.Keramat Ali Howlader and Mrs.Noorjahan Begum. He has one elder brother and sister. He completed SSC examination from B.C.S.I.R. High School, Dhaka on 2001 and HSC examination from Bangladesh Navy College, Dhaka Cant. in the year 2003. Besides his studies he engaged himself in extra curriculam activities. He has identified 25 species of snakes in the Wildlife Museum of Bangladesh Forest Research Institute.
In an interview Sajid told,'' I am always trying something better for world. I want to work for nature and herpetofauna. I pass my every day with them. ......I have aimed to research on evolution biology for next 20 years.''

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