Friday, 3 June 2011

Ami banglay gaan gai - All time best a Bangla song

Ami banglay gaan gai - a all time best bangla song. Originally Protul Mukhopadhay is the lyricist, composer and singer of this bangla song.He is a poet,a singer since the late sixties and a active socialist activist in West Bengal of India. He was born in Barisal in Bangladesh in 1942. But Mahmuduzzaman Babu made this masterpiece song popular all over the world among the Bangali community.Ami banglay gaan gai was one of the best and hit song in his first album ''Chokh vese jay jole''.This song must be an asset of profound love for each and every Bangla speaking person.
This song has become a expression of feelings that aimed at rediscovering the identity of Bangla speaking people all over the world.My hat off salut to both of the singers and all those who like and love this great song.


  1. Hi, recently we had a discussion amongst our friends about the origin of this song. Your post helped. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi, I am desperately looking for an English translation of this song... Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks in anticipation. :)