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Be a witness of a historical moment of Bangladesh on the 17th April 1971

       History repeats itself.When Nawab Siraj-ud-Doulah had defeted at the war with the British at the Mango Grove in Palashi, Bangla region(Bangla,Bihar,Orisha) lost its freedom and was ruled over almost 200 years by the British.Then Bangla decleared  its independence officially from another Mango Grove at Baidyanathtola in Meherpur.
      April 17,on this day in 1971, the Mujibnagar government was formed by the elected leaders of Bangladesh --the 167 MNAs(member of national assambly) and 293 MPAs(member of provincial assembly) who composed the Constituent Assembly fullfilling their constitutional obligation to the electors, gave a true shape and constitutional perspective on this day, making the dream of an independent Bangladesh a reality.
      The Mujibnagar government is also known as the Bangladesh government-in-exile.Following the military crackdown by the Pakistani military in Dhaka and elsewhere on 25 March 1971,top Awami League leaders including some elected members of both National Assembly and Provincial Assembly crossed over to India for safety.By 30 March 1971, most of them were able to assemble in Kolkata.On 10 April,1971,the MNAs and MPAs who were able to meet together in Kolkata formed themselves into a constituent assembly in exile and drafted the proclamation of Independence.
       Proclamation of Independence formally announced by the Bangladesh government-in-exile on 17 April 1971.The formation of the Mujibnagar government and the proclamation of Independence of Bangladesh to the world, is really a red-letter event in our national history. The ceremony was held at Baidyanathtala(renamed Mujibnagar after the proclamation)in Vhobopara village,a border area in present Meherpur district.Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,who was then interned in Pakistan was elected President,Syed Nazrul Islam Vice President,Tajuddin Ahmed Prime Minister,M.Mansur Ali Finance Minister,M.Quamruz Zaman Home Minister,Khandakar Mustaque Ahmed Foreign Minister and General M.A.G.Osmani who was then a retired colonel and MNA elected from Awami League was made the C-in-C of the Bangladesh armed forces.
       A few platoons of the then EPR and freedom fighters were deployed for presenting the Guard of Honour.The ceremony started at 11 a.m. when Syed Nazrul Islam hoisted the flag,a small group sang the national anthem ''Amar Sonar Bangla''(my golden Bangla) in a chorus.Yusuf Ali, an MNA formally read out the Proclamation of Independence.Syed Nazrul Islam announced the formation of a sovereign government of Bangladesh,took the oath and introduced the ministers to the audience.Syed Nazrul Islam was appointed as Acting President and then delivered his speech. After that,Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed spoke at a press conference.The whole ceremony was witnessed by hundreds of foreign journalists who had assembled there to hail the birth of a new nation.
       The importance of establishing Mujibnagar government was it gave ''life and legitimacy'' to the national liberation war both internally and internationally.Look at the other movements like autonomous or nationalist movements that all were stamped very easily as separist movement.But Bangladesh efforts was stamped as a nation's liberation war movement.In fact, in case of failur to be successful to establish a sovereign country  the Mujibnagar government took all the responscibilities.
       The nation should greatfully remember the heroic courage,conviction and determination of the politicians,the freedom fighters and the people in general who sacrificed their everything for the cause of an independent countryof our own ---A hat off salute to them.;;;the daily star-april 17,2005.

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